Sangoma Phone Desktop Client states PBX is not supported after updates

I just updated all modules on our PBXact and now when we try to use the Sangoma Phone Desktop Client we get a message that the PBX is not supported. Prior to the updates the Desktop Client worked just fine.

I am using the Desktop Client v3.3.2.

I consulted the “How to Setup the Sangoma Phone Desktop Client on the PBX” website for minimum requirements and compared it against the modules installed on our PBXact:

I found that two of the modules needed updates that weren’t showing as available updates…Sysadmin and Framework. So, I went into Edge mode and found the necessary update for Sysadmin, but no such update for Framework.

The version of Framework currently installed on our PBXact is 15.0.23 and the minimum required version for the desktop client

So, doesn’t seem to exist…even in Edge.

Anyone else having this issue? Can anyone tell me how to meet the minimum requirements for the Sangoma Desktop client if I can’t download the appropriate module versions?

The current edge verison of framework is If you wish to install it, you can do so with the command:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework --tag

Thank you, lgaetz.

Should I be concerned that the latest version I see in Edge via the PBXact UI AND the CLI is 15.0.23? I guess my concern is that something else in our installation is preventing me from being able to see it on purpose so that I don’t “break” something by installing a later version.

If you’re on pbxact, the concept of edge/stable is meaningless. The module versions are “pinned” for your specific system version. Prob best to contact support we it can be confirmed if this is an issue with your system or an issue with the pinned module version.

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OK. Thank you.

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