Sangoma Phone desktop client says Pbx is not supported

We are testing the eventual replacement of Zulu with the newer Sangoma Phone (Connect?). For some reason the Windows Desktop client tells me that my PBX is not supported while the OSX version works fine. Even the mobile version works, just not WIndows. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Using 15.0.29 framework and Sangoma Connect.

We had this issue. It was an issue with a toggle in the firewall for the soft phone service.

For Sangoma Phone desktop, if you don’t specify the host correct with the correct port, or if there is no route to the service, it will give you that error. How to Install and Configure the Sangoma Phone Desktop Client - Sangoma Talk (Connect) - Documentation

Is the issue with the Firewall in Windows or the Firewall in Freepbx?

FreePBX most likely. It would be on Windows if for some reason it’s blocking outbound traffic from the client but typically this is not something that’s configured like that.

By just putting the port number (6443) in the host field I can now connect. This particular issue is only happening on Windows 11. On a Windows 10 machine I can connect without including the port number, same goes for OSX client.

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Firewall>Services>Extra Services>Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Service

Is this set to Local and Internet?

If you don’t know or can’t know the IPs of the external users connecting to the PBX then Internet. If you do and can exclude the IPs in Networks then Local should be fine.

I had the same findings as @cursor. Is this the expected behavior?

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