Sangoma Phone built in VPN

The sales literature says the S305 has a built in VPN which allows remote phones to connect to the office FreePBX.

Is there any documentation anywhere to show what the VPN configuration file should look like? The only way of configuring this on the phone is to upload a configuration file, but I can’t find anywhere, where the detail of the file is shown?

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Thanks for that. I’m running FreePBX version (RaspBX to be precise) and so I don’t have the FreePBX built in VPN.

I do have a Draytek router with VPN capabilities and I have several VPN connections to the intenal LAN using the Draytek VPN. I was hoping to be able to VPN from the phone into the Draytek VPN and hop onto the internal LAN that way.

Is this possible from the Sangoma phones?

Unless something has changed since I left Sangoma, Sangoma Phones only support the integrated VPN from the FreePBX Distro - and require the SysAdmin Module to configure. @lgaetz can probably confirm if this has changed.

ClearlyIP Phones however can be configured with “generic” openVPN servers see instruction here

On RasPBX you should be able to follow these instructions to install OpenVPN manually:

Although is really the easiest way to install on a Pi.

The closest model to the S-305 would be the CIP-230 the MSRP is about the same, however, the CIP-230 does have a color screen and Gigabit Network Support.

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@EagerBeaver Seems Draytek has some support for OpenVPN as well…

so you may be able to configure a connection to a CIP phone using the instructions in my last post.

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