Sangoma phone account will not register

Hi all,
I have taken over my role from our previous IT Admin, but I am pretty new to FreePBX.
I have two phones in this office and one works perfectly fine, while the other will not register its account. When I go into my endpoint manager, I see my other phone has an IP address listed, but the phone not currently working does not, but when I check the configuration in the phone, it has been given an IP on my network.

What I have done/more info
*Both phones are Sangoma S500.
*The phone that does not work, at one time, worked perfecly

  1. I had an outdated certification, but I have gotten that updated.
  2. I created an all new extension for this user in free PBX
  3. I factory reset the phone. After the factory reset, it shows is new extension in the accounts section, but shows unregistered.

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