Sangoma P370 phone, Visual VM, Call Log do not work

P370 phones configured on FreePBX 15 distro system using endpoint dpma. When a voicemail is received, the red light in the upper right corner of the phone flashes 3 times and then goes out. When the Voicemail button at the bottom of the screen is pressed, no voicemails are shown in the list. It says you have no new messages. *97 will play the new messages and the UCP shows new messages. Also, the Cal Log on the phone show no incoming or outgoing calls. The firmware version in use on the phone is 4.9.2.

I have a proper Let’s Encrypt cert. installed on the system and it is selected as the HTTPS certificate under System Admin > HTTPS Setup > Settings tab

Under System Admin > Port Management a HTTPS port (3443) is configured for “RESTful Phone Apps”

Under Endpoint Manager > Brands > Sangoma > “D & P series phones” > “template used by this P370 phones” > General tab > PhoneApps Protocol is set to HTTPS

The phones will not do visual voicemail or call logs, any ideas on what I may be missing?

Thank you

For the provisioning/apps address, are you using the FQDN used for the LE certificate?

Yes, Under System Admin > Port Management, the HTTPS Address selected is our FQDN as in the LE cert.

Hes asking is your LE certificate configured for this very same FQDN??

Also, are all these ports forwarded to your PBX? Is this same FQDN setup as external and internal on your P370 templates?? Is your cert setup in chan-pjsip ?

Thank you for clarifying.

  • All ports are forwarded to the PBX.
  • The FQDN is setup as external and internal in P370 template.
  • Cert. is setup in chan-pjsip

The voicemail button still did not work, however, I did find ‘Voicemail Key Type’ under template options. It defaults to ‘Standard Voicemail’. I switched to ‘Voicemail Application’ and the voicemails did show up on the screen.

Provisioning these phones to have all the functions working properly is quite different than all other phones we have used. I can find no documentation anywhere detailing all of these configuration settings. Is there a detailed wiki available for proper provisioning of the new P series phones.

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