Sangoma P Series Phones VPN

I have used the VPN function for remote workers on the Sangoma S series phones with Freepbx. Now they are doing away with the S series and D series phones and according to my Sales Rep the new P series phones do not have the VPN capability.

Does anyone know for certain if this is true? And, if it is, what is recommended for connecting remote workers to Freepbx in place of the built in VPN?

Your sales rep is wrong. The P series do support VPN, and it’s currently supported in all models in FreePBX/PBXact except the P370 which will be coming soon [now supported on P370]. The only major difference between the VPN in the P series vs. S series phones is that you don’t want to configure zero touch provisioning in the portal for any phones using the VPN client.

Thanks Lorne!
That’s great news!!

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