Sangoma P Series - Endpoint Manager (Hot-Desking)

Hello Guys ,
With the new brands of Sangoma P Series phone :

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Also, when you pair P-Series phones with FreePBX, the EndPoint Manager module is automatically activated, for the life of your phone system.

Is that means i still need to purchase this module for my FreePbx , or is that a particular configuration to be made on the ip phone itself - I am not completely clear on that - Please light me on this .

Thanks !

No purchase necessary. The EPM module is ready to go immediately on install to provision Sangoma devices without any paid license.

No need to relate the hot-desking feature.
Ok , follow you response if i understand well this is only available for Sangoma P series , is that correct ?

Thanks !

Hot desking is available for P, D and S series phones.

Not for all S series as far i know , an s206 could no do it for me .

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