Sangoma Layoffs and their affect on FreePBX

A comment got flagged and I will assume it was because it should be its own post.

I am writing to seek clarification on the potential impact of the ongoing RIF (Reduction in Force) within Sangoma and it’s affects on the FreePBX engineering team and projects.

It appears that the FreePBX engineering department has been facing challenges recently, and I have observed a shift in responsibilities, with a C-level executive assuming tasks that one might typically associate with product management or open-source roles. Especially when that person has been absent from anything to do with these forums in over 3 years. As a dedicated shareholder of Sangoma, I am naturally concerned about the implications of these changes on operations and overall performance.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or updates officials could provide regarding the current situation and whether there are expectations of delays in tasks like the Debian migration. Your timely response would assist me in better understanding the potential impacts on our shared interests as stakeholders.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


The timeline previously shared for FreePBX development will not be affected by recent business decisions at Sangoma. There have been no changes to engineering resources for OSS projects.