Sangoma IP phones DHCP failures

Using Sangoma S500 phones, assigned to VLAN. IT vendor upgraded DHCP server. Some (not all) phones failed to pull an IP address. Had to manually log into phone, switch from DHCP to static, reboot the phone, switch back to DHCP for the phone to pull an IP address. Anyone see this before?

Yes. Seeing it right now.
A reboot appeared to cause it to pull DHCP. Did not have to change from DHCP to Static.
Also a factory reset let it pull DHCP.

Power Cycling via the POE switch did not work, and the phone did not even attempt to pull a DHCP address (watching port traffic with Wireshark)

Not clear to me why a power cycle would be different from a “reboot” as far as DHCP is concerned.

Update that a reboot worked on one, but not on the others. All the phones seem to want a factory reset today for some reason.

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