Sangoma IP Phone and VPN connection


I heard about one amazing feature about Sangoma phones and FreePBX. But I couldn’t find any doc for this.
Some one told me that there is a feature that remote phones can find FreePBX system via deployment id of that system. This is special feature on Sangoma ip phones? is true?


That is correct. You register your phone in our portal and tell it what deployment and it will find that PBX and connect to it and pull all of its configs including VPN if you have the extension in EPM setup for VPN. Its part of our redirect service.

It’s great. Just a question, it is specific for Sangoma phones? or we can register other brands too?

Sangoma Phones only. Its a feature of our phones.

Thank you for reply. I test it and works.
Just a question, which SIP stack sangoma uses in ip phones ?

That’s not something we disclose.