Sangoma Freepbx phone system 50 problem

Hi all, i have this enviroment:

Sangoma Freepbx phone system 50

Om first boot, system have ip via dhcp and permit to access gui (for change default password).

-gui was KO with FATAL ERROR
-with vga monitor, mouse and keyboard i see only grup screen with: PBX (2.6.32-431.e16.i686)
after this black screen
-via SSH i have no access with default passwords (admin/sangoma-admin/admin-admin/freepbx-root/sangoma-root/freepbx)

how i can restore it?


More words. Being terse probably makes you think you sound like an expert, but it’s just frustrating for those of us that want to help.

Which fatal error. There are hundreds,

What’s a grup screen? The system shouldn’t have anything on the console screen except for a “Login” prompt.

First article in Google Search for “default password sangoma system+50” says “SangomaDefaultPassword”

From SSH, you will log in with the username ‘root’ and the password, which should match the password you set on installation.

Solved with new Freepbx install

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