Sangoma Firmware Issues

Since upgrading my S500’s to Firmware this week the Horizontal Softkeys designations and the display clock disappear. They restore momentarily after pressing a blank horizontal key.

I reverted back to for now. Anyone else getting same issue?

Upgraded two days ago, no issues so far. I’ll keep an eye.

Whats your screensaver, backlight, etc. Settings?

Thanks @PitzKey

Backlight Timeout>0
Screen Saver>Time and Logo
Screen Saver Timeout>Off

Everything normal since stepping back. All BLF’s functioning as they should be.

Can you upgrade again one phone, once upgrade is done, reboot the phone and see if it’s happening again.

Did as you suggested, so far no issue. I will try another busier endpoint.

Edit: My staff said the clock did not disappear like the key labels but actually froze. On my phone the clock and key labels have just totally disapeared but return when a key is pressed.
Nothing on the log which I was not expecting.

Update: The two endpoints on .67 have got the issues, mix of no labels and/or clock frozen.

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Just changed phone systems here… all of the Sangoma S500 phones would have the screen go completely black after not being used for a while. Turned out to be the backlight dimming timeout - instead of lowering the brightness of the display, the display turned completely off. I simply set the backlight timeout to 0 to disable screen dimming and the problem disappeared.

Interesting tidbit is that the S305, S405, and S705 phones all behave normally and the problem only exists on the S500.

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I noticed my S705 on the same firmware release does the same as my S500’s. Clock and horizontal descriptions vanish but BLF’s remain. Touching any key restores them.

My Screen Saver Timeout is off, Backlight timing = 0.

I may raise a ticket, it’s by no means a priority.

Thanks for sharing.

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I believe this is a known issue, and should be addressed in fw 30+. If it persists behind that, open a ticket.

Thanks for that Lorne :grinning:

Mine sometimes vanish, and then sometimes they freeze at the time the phone went to sleep/screen saver.

Any idea of what time frame we should expect the new firmware in Lorne?

I’m not aware of ETA, ‘watch’ this page for auto updates:

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All my endpoints are back on .63 for the time being.

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