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Sangoma Firmware Issues

(Edwin) #1

Since upgrading my S500’s to Firmware this week the Horizontal Softkeys designations and the display clock disappear. They restore momentarily after pressing a blank horizontal key.

I reverted back to for now. Anyone else getting same issue?

(Itzik) #2

Upgraded two days ago, no issues so far. I’ll keep an eye.

Whats your screensaver, backlight, etc. Settings?

(Edwin) #3

Thanks @PitzKey

Backlight Timeout>0
Screen Saver>Time and Logo
Screen Saver Timeout>Off

Everything normal since stepping back. All BLF’s functioning as they should be.

(Itzik) #4

Can you upgrade again one phone, once upgrade is done, reboot the phone and see if it’s happening again.

(Edwin) #5

Did as you suggested, so far no issue. I will try another busier endpoint.

Edit: My staff said the clock did not disappear like the key labels but actually froze. On my phone the clock and key labels have just totally disapeared but return when a key is pressed.
Nothing on the log which I was not expecting.

Update: The two endpoints on .67 have got the issues, mix of no labels and/or clock frozen.