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Sangoma Expansion Module backlight timeout


Is there a way to set the display timeout on the expansion module to mimic the Sangoma phone? I have my phones set to leave the display on during business hours, however, the expansion module still times out and goes dark.

Current firmware I’m using

(Tony Lewis) #2

You would need to open a feature request if it doesn’t do it currently.


Thanks, Tony. I’ve created a feature request

(Jason Sansone) #4

I can’t view the feature request. Does anyone know if this was ever addressed? I have the same issue with a new EXP100.


This has been corrected for me. I am on the following firmware:

Sangoma S500 phone -
Expansion Module -

On the phone go to Menu>Status>Information to see firmware.

(Jason Sansone) #6

I have rebooted and reprovisioned a few times. The expansion module goes to screen saver even though the phone’s display is active. Here are the firmware details:

Product Model S500
Firmware Version
BOOT– 10:19:00)
IMG– 14:30:00)
ROM– 14:30:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)

Expansion Module 1
BOOT– 11:02:00)
IMG– 14:01:00)
ROM– 14:01:00)


Looks like you need to upgrade to the latest firmware on both. You can do that in FreePBX at endpoint manager>firmware management

(Jason Sansone) #8

The newest firmware for the S500 is -

The newest firmware for the EXP100 is -

Unless I am reading the information wrong, those are the versions I am running.