Sangoma Expansion Module backlight timeout

Is there a way to set the display timeout on the expansion module to mimic the Sangoma phone? I have my phones set to leave the display on during business hours, however, the expansion module still times out and goes dark.

Current firmware I’m using

You would need to open a feature request if it doesn’t do it currently.

Thanks, Tony. I’ve created a feature request

I can’t view the feature request. Does anyone know if this was ever addressed? I have the same issue with a new EXP100.

This has been corrected for me. I am on the following firmware:

Sangoma S500 phone -
Expansion Module -

On the phone go to Menu>Status>Information to see firmware.

I have rebooted and reprovisioned a few times. The expansion module goes to screen saver even though the phone’s display is active. Here are the firmware details:

Product Model S500
Firmware Version
BOOT– 10:19:00)
IMG– 14:30:00)
ROM– 14:30:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)

Expansion Module 1
BOOT– 11:02:00)
IMG– 14:01:00)
ROM– 14:01:00)

Looks like you need to upgrade to the latest firmware on both. You can do that in FreePBX at endpoint manager>firmware management

The newest firmware for the S500 is -

The newest firmware for the EXP100 is -

Unless I am reading the information wrong, those are the versions I am running.

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