Sangoma EXP100 BLFs - no alerts, visual or audio

Configured an EXP100 with an S500 for a receptionist-type and can’t get BLFs to present calls with audio or visual alert, i.e. ringing/screen pop up. The LEDs function perfectly and I’m able to pickup ringing calls, even though they aren’t presenting an audio/visual alert at the extension.

Endpoint config for EXP100

Endpoint config, “options”

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting?

Or is this a feature and not a problem/bug!?


Are you using chan_sip or PJSIP as only chan_sip supports this in Asterisk.

Started with CHAN_SIP, recently moved to PJSIP. It didn’t work with CHAP_SIP which I started with, eventually moving the sites extensions to PJSIP.

I’ll convert back to CHAN_SIP and try again. Any other thoughts on what I might have missed in configuring this?

This wiki here covers the setting you need in chan_sip for this to work at the bottom.


Thanks Tony… will be back at the client next week and will test this out. I did miss the notifycid portion at the bottom of the wiki.

Came back to the client - I converted this extension (with the EXP 100) to CHAN_SIP, added the notifycid=yes to sip settings and still the audio/visual alerts aren’t working.

Note all other extensions are PJSIP.

I also noticed in both PJSIP and CHAN_SIP environments that if I update the phone settings (with the EXP100) via the commercial EPM the phone gets very slow and buggy until rebooted. Not sure what’s up with that.

Let me know what else I can do to troubleshoot.

@tonyclewis Any ideas here? I’m stumped