Sangoma E510

Where is the Switchvox forum? Anyways, I wanted to upgrade SSD drive and memory and I find that Sangoma Switchvox hot glues the connections. Easy off but pathetic by Sangoma. also, there is 4 Intel NICS but Sangoma only exposes 1 of them.

  • see it here imgurdotcom/a/1WrOZeF

There isn’t a Switchvox forum as it’s a commercial product. You will probably need to raise a ticket if you want help with the config of the NICs. There is no access to the OS from what I remember so if you can’t do it in the GUI then you can’t do it.

As for the hot glue, that’s fairly common as it’s assembled overseas and it reduces returns/issue because of loose cables from transit.

They are covered because Switchvox only supports a single NIC so exposing the other 3 would be pointless.

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