Sangoma Does Not Support Sangoma Talk/Connect?

@lgaetz @prashobk

As directed, we opened a support ticket with Sangoma for a desktop “PBX Not Supported” errors. ticket 00978265 and 00977907. We are getting responses from Sangoma that they need support credits, even though the paid module on the site says it comes with support. This is super annoying as we don’t have phones. We followed the documentation (sparse) and have included screenshots to try to help limit back and forth. They say they called us, but there are no missed calls or voicemails. Can someone help us get connect to a resource that will actually help us?


Disregard, Santigo (Sangoma) was a huge help.

FYI. Firewall>Extra Services>Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Service needs to be expanded to internet if users are off network using the phone. That was the root cause of my issue. I didn’t see it in the documentation, but I guess it’s not a given in every use case either.


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