Sangoma Desktop SMS doesn't work?

We are testing the Sangoma Desktop since it appears to eventually be replacing Zulu. The texting in Zulu works pretty well but in the Sangoma Desktop after you enable chat you have to type in a number and hit go? I get no pop up or SMS messages sending or receiving. Is this still beta?

Hi Jason,

Do you see the SMS tab near the new chat icon?


If not, you’ll need to add the default SMS DID for your extension in the SangomaConnect module.

Here’s a guide

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Yes. you type it in and hit go and nothing happens. Sangoma tech didn’t even know why yet lol

Please DM your ticket number. I will get it reviewed today.

He wanted me to reinstall connect. This is for testing and it works fine on another pbx that the customer is using. So all good

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