Sangoma DECT Phones?


we use Panasonic and Snom Phones for DECT at the moment, but we are not really satisfied with them.

Are there any plans if Sangoma will release his own DECT Solutions?

We need Single Cell and Multi Cell solutions.

What dont you like about the SNOM Dect stuff?

There are some Firmware issues when using TLS/SRTP. They cannot be auto provisioned via config at the moment.

Snom accepted our ticket about it already and they created an issue: #DECT-431

Problem 2 is with EPM - M700 Bootloop

And the third problem is with TLS/SRTP when using Multicell. After some days a few of our 20 DECT phones loose connection to PBX and dont do a re-register. It just fails without any reason.
The only way to get them working is rebooting all Multicell Base Stations.

We use the M700 without EPM and without TLS and we are Happy with them.
No errors since a year now.

Our goal is a secure PBX solution for our customers. So we dont like so sell phones which dont work good with TLS.
Also because all our Customers are Cloud PBX customers only.

Just for info the snom issue:

I cannot set <user_auth_tag idx="1" to no value with provisioning.

If it is set to “on” or “off” i cannot use TLS with SRTP with Asterisk/FreePBX
It has to be set at “no value”,
The list in the Server Config has to contain both. AES-32 and AES-80 in order.
Then it works.

How can i autoprovision this setting via xml? I only found the options “on” and “off”

I tried to use the value “!no value (3)!” but did not work.

Gotcha. I ask as like all other phone manufactures very few people build their own Dect stuff. Most ODM phones. Hence look at RTX, Snom and Uniden as a quick example and will see they are all the same.

We are working on our Dect and will be launching late this year with single cell and multi cell with full support in EPM for configuration including multi cell.