Sangoma D150 Box Transcoder Assistance

Good Day, I am busy trying to integrate a D150 transcoder into FreePBX and am failing to get it working correctly. The Transcode server builds just fine as well as the codec. I am having an issue loading the codec and keep all other functions working correctly - ConfBridage in particular. The system is virtualised. I have 3 interfaces on the system: 1 is to my internal network, 1 is a dedicated transcode VLAN and the other goes out to my SIP provider due to firewalling and NAT issues.


My name is Marc Celsie and I am from the Sangoma Technical support team. I would like to work through this issue in a ticket, then once resolved post the solution here on the forum.

You can open a ticket up at and when creating the ticket reference this form post and address this ticket to Marc.

Let us know if you have any issues opening up a ticket.