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I have a client that wants to integrate SuiteCRM with PBXact. Now I got suiteCRM and PBXact to log the calls. But the recording does not show up on the CRM side. I have told the module that I want the recordings on the PBX side. The Only thing that appears on the CRM side is call information but for the recording is just a circle that does nothing. The PBX is not on the same network as the CRM. Do I need to open any ports for the recording to show up.

Just a thought - the database on the PBX is only accessible from localhost, so if you are coming in from another machine you aren’t likely to get connected unless you’ve modified the permissions on the database.

Have you looked in /var/log/asterisk/full for error messages from the phone server to make sure the recording is getting saved correctly?

Presumably you’ve set it up per the wiki, but since you didn’t explicitly say so here it is:

It turned out to be a php error on the CRM side…

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