Sangoma Connect

Hi guys,

Few quick questions regarding Sangoma Connect service:

  1. What ports must I open on my hardware firewall – RTP and SIP only, and what protocol, UDP/TCP?
  2. Do I need Zulu? (After enabling my trial and sync it, I now see that FreePBX complains that Connect daemon and Zulu daemon don’t run).
  3. What about Firewall module? Anything white-list other than those IPs from the wiki?

Hope you can clarify those for me.


Take a look at the Technical Details on our wiki. You may find what you are looking for there.


  1. It depends, you can choose the transport for SC. That will determine the port as well.
  2. Zulu is not required. It’s a different app.
  3. IPs from the wiki (will be automatically added) + Responsive Firewall activated for PJSIP.
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Hi Santiago,

Thank you for reply. Any idea why Zulu became an error after activating Sangoma Connect module?
Also, regarding 3., do yo mean that IP’s will be added to FreePBX firewall automatically after module installation?

Any Zulu errors are unrelated to Sangoma Connect. If you’re not using Zulu you can remove it, it’s not required for Connect.

And yes, there are a number of IPs auto added to the FreePBX firewall Networks list when the Sangoma Connect module is installed. They are required for maintaining SIP registrations for client push notifications as well as for provisioning purposes of the client.


Thank you. What about my internet facing firewall, do I still add those IP’s? I usually prefer to open for specific networks only, will it hurt if I do so for Sangoma Connect?

This appeared after module installation:

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