Sangoma Connect with Dual NIC running on PBXact

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On my PBXact installation, I am running two network cards. eth0 has a public IP address and eth1 has a private address.

Now my thinking behind this setup is all of my local phones and SBC for my sip trunk can communicate via the private IP address. Then the public IP can be used to run applications like Sagnoma Connect.

The problem that I am running into is as soon as I configure a private IP, Sagnoma connect won’t register. Even though that the Sangoma domain is pointing to the public IP address.

Now as soon as I remove the private IP, the cell phone can register via Sagnoma connect without any problems.

What’s also strange is when I have my cell phone on my local network and I have both IP addresses configured on the PBX, my phone is able to register.

Could this possibly be a bug?


That is probably because the default gateway is configured on the private IP and not on the public one.

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

^^ This. Ensure only one default gateway is set. Any traffic that needs to use the alternate nic that does not match the subnet, must be done with static routes.

(Drew Wilson) #4

Both the private and the public have a default gateway. Each of them is a separate gateway.

(Drew Wilson) #5

Tried to remove the default gateway from the alternative NIC and still no luck. Only seems to work if the alternative IP is completely removed.

When you say “Static Route” are you referring to the configuration in FreePBX or are you referring to a configuration at the OS level?


There can only be one default gateway. Both NICs have a gateway, but the default gateway is only one, at least without manually modifying the routing table.

(Drew Wilson) #7

After deleting the Default Gateway from the Private IP address I discovered on the public IP the gateway wasn’t working. That’s why everything appeared to be working on the Public IP but Sagnoma connect devices couldn’t register.

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