Sangoma Connect With deviceanduser Mode

Greetings, I am trying to find out if the User and Devices mode ‘deviceanduser’ is supported with Sangoma Connect. In this mode the User is seperated from the Device setup, when going to the User Management interface to enable a user for Sangoma Connect it displays a warning message ‘The configured extension for this user is not PJSIP’, however the users default extension is in fact pjsip enabled. Also another warning i occuring ’ * You are running an old version of endpoint manager that conflicts with SangomaConnect, please upgrade the version of EPM to a greater than (PBX 15) or (PBX 14)’, I am fully up to date on all modules and updates with this pbx and there is no option to upgrade to a newer version of EPM…

Which version of FreePBX are you using?
With EPM, if you don’t have an active maintenance license, then you won’t be able to update EPM.

And to answer your question: The original schmoozcom guys when they will still with Sangoma stated that FreePBX and especially commercial modules are not supported in devices and users mode.

I assume that that is still the policy at Sangoma, unless a Sangoma employee states otherwise.

With that being said, ‘unsupported’ does not mean that it won’t work, or is impossible to get it to work.

So try to work with any errors or warnings you get and report back if you have any luck.

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