Sangoma Connect softphone not registering after public IP address change

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Sangoma Connect was configured and working great until we switched ISPs and our public static IP address changed. Now the softphone is failing to register.

I tried the following.

  • Set Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > External Address to the new static IP.
  • Rest Application in the softphone settings.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
  • Disabled and re-enabled Sangoma Connect for the user in User Management.
  • Sent multiple invites from User Management.

Currently, notifications on my Android, show the softphone continually trying to register, but always ending with “Logged out. - error”. I keep seeing “Registering”, “Push Handshake” and “error”.

Any idea what might be wrong?

Is there a log I can check to get more information about the issue? I’m not seeing anything regarding this issue reported in full or sangomaconnect_out.log.


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