Sangoma Connect Preferences

We add a few Number Rewriting rules in Sangoma Connect Preferences to optimize the use of Sangoma Connect on different networks (LTE over WiFi) for different scenarios. This is easy to add when deploying one PBX with a few users. However if we have 100 users to deploy this becomes a hassle as we’ll send an installation guide to every user but we all know how they don’t read it.

Is it possible to send some preconfigured preferences (such as number rewriting rules) to the mobile app with the initial registration link ? Or some other way. Basically, I’d like to have these preferences set up and managed by the PBX and not rely on the end user.

Right now I see no way of doing so but I’m checking in to see if I’m not missing anything.

This can be provisioned. You would want to put in a feature request

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