Sangoma Connect no audio

(Jonathan Bond) #1

I am really struggling. I have a PBXact and have had connect working with internal and external calls without any issues. I upgraded the internet service from Comcast and they installed a CBR-T gateway. I have it in bridge mode which means it should be acting like a modem. Audio is working fine at the local phones but zulu and connect has no audio from sip but works with internal extension to extension with the connect app remotely so it shouldn’t be a problem with the firewall. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


NAT settings most likely

(Jonathan Bond) #3

That is my assumption but I haven’t been able to figure out what I am missing. I had to open 5060 for sangoma connect and 10K-20K is open for sip. I have one phone testing TLS so I have it on port 5061 but neither work with audio coming in or out for sip but work extension to extension. Zulu isn’t working for audio either. I will keep digging.

(Jonathan Bond) #4

I think I solved my problem. It was an issue with SIPSTATION but it is working great with