Sangoma Connect Error

Getting the following error when trying to setup out first sangoma connect accounts:

The following error(s) were detected
	•	A mandatory rpm package ('asteriskXX.X-freepbx_asterisk_modules' - XX.X stands for your asterisk version) is missing is missing. Please visit the Wiki to find the RPM corresponds to your running version of asterisk and install the package and then execute 'asterisk -rx "core restart now" command to load the configuration.

We are on version 16 for freepbx and 16.8 for asterisk. I tried to look at the referenced links but they don’t talk about this specific error. I get that I need to install the listed rpm, but I haven’t done that before. Any guidance on what to type and where to go?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Disregard. I found the documentation. For future searchers the link to the page is:

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