Sangoma connect contacts update

Can anyone please shed light on how to update contacts on Sangoma connect on iOS and Android?
The names have been updated in freepbx. I checked contact manager too and they are correct there. But, somehow the names are not updated on Sangoma connect.

Android has the business contact synchronization and that did not help. Not sure how it is supposed to work on iOS also.


On Android, pulling the list down (like a swipe down) in the Business list make the list to update. That works for me on Android and it updates the list.
iOS is a little different and you need to close the app completely (from the Task Manager -or whatever name it has now- as well) and the re-open it to have the list refreshed.

That did not help.

It just logged the user out of the app on the iphone. I had to send another invite to the user to log them in and that updated the contacts. I wonder if I have to send an invite every time a contact name is updated.

Surely, other users of sangoma connect will have faced this problem. Any other ideas?

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