Sangoma Connect cannot register extension over Wi-Fi

Hi guys,

What can cause an issue when only push calls work?

It’s unable to register extension over Wi-Fi.

My network & setup:

Public IP is dynamic.

Default SIP protocol UDP, port 5060

Default RTP port range.

FreePBX responsive firewall is on.

Extension is PJSIP also set auto for protocol.

System has latest patches.

Hardware firewall has following ports forwarded:

SIP UPD/TCP 5060, accessible from any network.

RTP UPD/TCP, accessible from any network.

Sangoma Connect module is running OK, smart phone registered.


Bump for attention!

There was no reply because your info is lacking/confusing.

Any kind of extension, or are you asking specifically about Sangoma Connect?

Over any Wi-Fi, or specifically Wi-Fi on the same LAN as the PBX?

Then what isn’t registered?

When the failing extension attempts to register, what if anything appears in the Asterisk log?

If nothing, but the register attempts appear in sngrep, FreePBX firewall is likely blocking them; temporarily disable it to test.

If nothing in sngrep, your hardware firewall likely doesn’t handle ‘hairpinning’ properly. With some firewalls, a configuration change can fix it. Otherwise, set up your DNS so when on your LAN, the extension registers to the LAN address of the PBX.

If you still have trouble, post details including firewall make/model and its VoIP-related settings.

Thanks for reply.
This is one of extension dedicated for softphone use. This is specific issue with S. Connect module, doesn’t happen with other softphone app on same phone.
Wi-Fi is multi VLAN(trunked via L3 switch to AP’s)

I’ll fiddle with this afterhours, this is my production PBX. I will update later.

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