Sangoma connect branding/API

Does anybody know if there are any plans for offering branding options with Sangoma Connect?

I don’t necessarily require full white labelling but some ability to customise logos and colours would be great.

It would also be fantastic if the invite email could be disabled and a way for the invite link to be generated via an API could be added? When we onboard new staff and customers we already send a single email that gives details for setting up their printing/building access accounts and we would like to minimise the number of emails sent. An alternative would be to provide the app link and include the username/password manually but the UX is nice with the login link.

It’s already a rebrand of Groundwire, if you have the volume and technical ability you might be be better off going direct to Groundwire and work with their API’s.

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Branding options are available, same as for PBXact. Ping @mwhite for options.


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