Sangoma Connect app works but no audio on Sangoma Phone software

I got Sangoma Connect app working with the the android app but on the Sangoma Phone software for windows, I can make an outbound call, (didn’t test inbound yet) and the phone I call rings and I can answer it but there is no audio. What’s the difference in audio for android vs windows? PBXact Version 15 and Asterisk version 16.

I am having this same exact problem. I have setup everything per the wiki instructions and when I dial I get no audio on the WIndows desktop phone. I have checked STUN, ICE and any other settings having to do with Webrtc. If I do an RTP debug I can see the following:

Sent RTP packet to (type 111, seq 014820, ts 397392, len 000094)
Sent RTP packet to (type 111, seq 014821, ts 398352, len 000094)
Sent RTP packet to (type 111, seq 014822, ts 399312, len 000101)

I am doing this test from outside the local network but that is showing my local IP address where it should be trying to send rtp to my external IP. The call will terminate after 30 seconds with an RTP timeout.

We use Zulu on this same server and it works, RTP does show the correct external IP. Why would Sangoma Connect Desktop get a different result?

I also just checked and I cannot dial my extension. The AOR for the extension says Avail.

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