Sangoma cardS do not recognize two analog lines

New Dell T30 server with Sangoma A200 cards, with 4 FXO card - we actually have two cards each with 4 FXO modules, one set is intended to be a spare. The cards are new as are the FXO Modules. FreePBX is the latest version. After DAHDI setup FreePBX sees the card and FXO ports, and all 4 ports work.

The system is replacing an older PBX. Lines are analog lines coming from an Xfinity Business analog phone box. All 4 lines work perfectly in the old PBX system, and work perfectly if you connect an analog phone directly to the FXS ports on the Xfinity box.

The problem is if we connect the lines to the Sangoma A200 system only 2 of the lines are picked up. It doesn’t matter which port we put them in, only two of the lines receive calls. If I watch the call progress using ‘asterisk -vvvvvr’ I can see the calls come in on the 2 lines that work, the others absolutely nothing happens as if the calls never hit the system.

We’ve replaced the card, and FXO modules, and rerun the setup just in case there is some issue. Fax is disabled in the FreePBX Global Settings and I confirmed they are disabled in wanpipe1.conf.

Xfinity says there is nothing wrong with the box or lines, and won’t offer any further support.

Any idea what else I can do to get these lines working with FreePBX?

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