Sangoma Background Image Provisioning


I’ve been working on changing over to HTTPS provisioning and can’t get the background image to work, using TFTP I have no issues but any device I configure to use HTTPs is able to download and fully provision everything except the background image. I’ve pulled logs from the device can can’t seem to find where it tries to download the image so I wasn’t sure if anyone has run into this?

The device in question is a S500

Have you tried rebooting the phone? I think I’ve ran into cases where backgrounds and ringtones weren’t working until a reboot, instead of a usual reconfigure.

I have yes, infact I did a full reset of my test device back to factory defaults and it then fully re-provisioned the phone, just without my background image. and then if I switch it over to TFTP and re-provision it comes up.

What is the URL you are putting in the provisioning file?

Your probably forgot the port.

https://httpsuser:[email protected]:1443

Log in to console and try this
grep background.png /tftpboot/*MCADDRESS*

The mac address is case sensitive, lower case, I believe for Sangoma phones.

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