Sangoma A200 not working after installing FreePBX 14

After installing SNG7-PBX-64bit-1805-1 and FreePBX-64bit-10.13.66 multiple times last night, I think the issue is related to EFI.

Every time that I installed, I followed the following minimal setup script:

  1. Installed with all default options
  2. Skipped past all of the initial Sangoma offers
  3. Did NOT enable the firewall
  4. Created new PJSIP extension 225 (no user)
  5. Created new inbound route, destination=225
  6. Enabled DAHDI for writing
  7. Apply config
  8. Restart DAHDI and asterisk
  9. Created new trunk DAHDI\c2, prefix=“w”
  10. Created new outbound route POTS, trunk=DAHDI\c2, pattern=XXXXXXXXXX
  11. Apply config
  12. Dial out from 225, “All circuits are busy now”
  13. reboot

On VMs installed with the VMware EFI firmware (which CentOS 7 supports), I was never able to get the A200 card to work. Dead air on all outbound calls. On VMs installed with VMware BIOS firmware (which both CentOS 6 and 7 support), the A200 card worked after the reboot. So, FreePBX 13 vs FreePBX 14 was probably a red herring.

I don’t particularly need EFI; it was just a convention that I have been using for all my VMs. As I have the foundation of a working system now, I will proceed with the re-installation. But, I can still be available if there’s anything that might want me test. Thanks!

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