Sangoma A102E Pri Card Installation support for BSNL E1 PRI Line in India.

Hi All,

Can anybody please help me to configure Sangoma A102E T1/E1 card at Freepbx that supports for BSNL E1 PRI lane in India,

i have attached my existing configuration for your reference,

and is that possible to connect 1 PRI lane = 2 Different Sangoma A102 card server, Since we have already 1 VOIP server used by Freeswitch (Server used by outhouse CRM Software), now i don’t want to disrupt that server and we have planned to setup one more server with Freepbx, am i able to use the same BSNL PRI lane for two server, if yes can anybody please help how to do the configuration.

Thank for your valuable time… !

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