Sangoma A101 and PRI T1

be kind this is my first post here and I am very new to FreePBX

I am running FreePBX, Centos Distro with Astrisk

I have a Sangoma A101 card installed, no alarms in Dahdi, but I am getting the following errors in the logs:

[2013-10-03 10:14:42] VERBOSE[3712] asterisk.c: – Remote UNIX connection
[2013-10-03 10:14:42] VERBOSE[30654] asterisk.c: – Remote UNIX connection disconnected
[2013-10-03 10:14:43] WARNING[3837] sig_pri.c: PRI Error on span 1: Received MDL/TEI managemement message, but configured for mode other than PTMP!

Inbound and outbound calls do not work.

How/Where do I set the configuration to PTMP?

Any help/direction would be most appreciated, thanks!

I have never heard of a “MDL/TEI managemement message” being received on a PRI, it is a BRI thing, maybe Sangoma can help . . .

Is it a possible setting problem on the telco end?

Anything is possible, but I doubt it.

Also…ISDN PRI (30B+D) admits only PTP (Point-To-Point) mode when ISDN BRI (2B+D) admits PTP (Point-To-Point) and PTMP (Point-To-Multi-Point)…so that message seems a bit strange.

Did you read this? …it could be useful to you.