Sangoma 705 and CallerID Feature Code

So I’ve gotten the feature code to work in the Cisco SPA phones, where if you dial either the feature code or press the button that I created for speeddial it enters *20 for example then gives you a “secondary” dial tone and the caller ID modification works fine.

However on the Sangoma Phones all it does when you hit either the speedial button for the feature code or manually enter the feature code *20 it just “hangs up” it never makes a tone or dials out and doesn’t modify the caller ID info.

Any ideas on what gives?

Use a + at the end which will have the speed dial wait for you to enter more digits from the dial pad and press send. Outlined here

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Thanks that did the trick

Curious. When you dial *20, what does it actually?

He is using our caller ID Management module that lets you set feature codes to change caller ID on the fly.

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*20 is just the feature code that was made. With the CallerID module when I dial *20 it temporarily sets the CID to a predefined value

So normally the CID might be 123-123-1234 but when entering *20 it changes it to 222-222-2222 for that call only

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Ahh thanks, never got my hands on that module (yet).

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