Sangoma 400G gateways come with different channel numbers, how?

You can get the 4 T1 port Sangoma 400G PRI gateways with different numbers of channels, 30, 60, 90 and 120 channels.
If I e.g. get the 60 channel variant, how are those channels distributed?
Evenly over all 4 T1 ports, so, e.g. I can have 15 channels on each port?
Or can I use only 2 ports then with 30 channels each?

Or can I use all T1 ports and as many SIP endpoints as I want but only a total of 60 simultaneous calls are possible?


You can use all 4 ports. We just license it for how many calls paths it has to do from T1 to SIP based on licensed channels and you can always upgrade your licensed channels after the fact by purchasing more channels.


What about call paths between the t1 spans?
E.g. apart from the Sip trunk to my FreePBX box I would have a PRI from my provider into one T1 port, and into another port I would have a PRI to my legacy PBX, which I use for faxing and analog phones.
So there would be traffic into one T1 port and out another T1 port.
Is that possible at all and would the channel limit apply there as well or only to calls over the SIP trunk?

It’s only channels to SIP. From T1 to T1 doesn’t use a channel.