Sample size different 160 vs 320

I turned on debug mode to troubleshoot an unrelated issue to this topic and was wondering what is causing it and how to fix it. I noticed that there are hundreds of messages like these in the logs:

[2023-01-17 17:58:33] DEBUG[21160][C-00007a06] translate.c: Sample size different 160 vs 320
[2023-01-17 17:58:33] DEBUG[16274][C-000079ee] translate.c: Sample size different 320 vs 160
[2023-01-17 17:58:33] DEBUG[15799][C-000079ec] audiohook.c: Read factory 0x7efcc8256b08 and write factory 0x7efcc8257548 both fail to provide 160 samples
[2023-01-17 17:58:33] DEBUG[16228][C-000079ee] audiohook.c: Read factory 0x7efc380839b8 and write factory 0x7efc380843f8 both fail to provide 320 samples

I assume they are coming from some type of audio codec setting. We use Counter Path Bria for our softphones and VOIP Innovations for our trunks along with some other trunks from Twilio. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Not sure if it is safe to just ignore these messages or try and fix it so any help regarding these messages would be helpful. Thanks

You should always ignore DEBUG messages unless looking to diagnose a specific problem.

This value relates to an RTP parameter. Normal, 8kHZ, RTP uses a sampling interval of 20ms, which corresponds to 160 samples.

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