Same voice box answers with default and personalized recordi

I experience the following problem:
The extension (22) replies correctly with the recorded personal greeting. In case I add a ring group and select Destination if no answer voicebox <22> the caller gets the default greeting. If I select Destination if no answer Phone_name <22> then I get the recorded personal greeting.

The device option in the Extension menu for <22> is [email protected]

Any hints to get around this?
Is this a bug?

Thanks Jakob

Aplology I did not specify that I am using FreePBX 2.2.0beta1 and AAH 2.8


apology to bother again.
Did I put this question in the wrong forum?
Is my question unclear?

Thanks for replying.


In the General section of 2.1.1 you can set

Direct Dial to Voicemail message type:

to choose which message you want.