Same queue agent on different IP phones?

It is a possible and how on FreePBX 13 to have “agents” that can dynamical login to queue, but not always on same phones?


  • I have 3 IP phones with extensions number 101, 102 and 103.
  • I want to have several agents with numbers 201, 202, 203, 204 …

And now, each agent can login on any phone with your agent number and receive calls on your agent number.
How I can do that?


Have u tried the feature code *45?

Dialing *45 will enter the queue that extension is assigned to

Dialing *45 again will log that extension out of the queue

No agents in FreePBX are actual extensions. Your phone would have to support hot desking like Sangoma Phones do with Phone Apps.

Tony thanks for answer.

I look module Phone Apps but can’t see how with this to associate
"agent number" to extension number. Can you explain with more details?

The agent number is the extension. If FreePBX world agents are extensions.

Maybe another way of looking at this is that you login the PHONE not a PERSON. The phone would have to travel with your agent if you wanted the agent to always be known from the number he is using… not very practical though.

In military simulation systems, we don’t attack people, we attack objects.

Same thing - the machine doesn’t know about people, so why force the machine to model them… :slight_smile: