Samba Setup

I want to setup Samba to share a separate partition on my hard drive. I also want to not have to worry about the network. At least which subnet. Actually, I want to be able to set it u once and forget it. If I install 1 or 10 I want the ability to not have to individually set Samba up for each install.

I have seen references to IPtables and SELinux, but nothing to point me in the direction I need.

Can someone point me in the direction I need???


Please tell us why you want SMB support on a phone server. There might be an easier alternative.

You also did not tell us how you installed FreePBX. It is distributed in many ways so your question can’t be answered until we know what system you are running.

I would caution against mixing roles.

With that in mind, you should be able to just yum install samba and configure.

This tutorial will get you close. Don’t use the sudo command, just be logged in as root.

Also ignore the selinux steps.

I used a distro I got at FreePBX. 2.10 I believe. The system is running on Centos6. The thought is to share the hard drive for file storage for the office users. We want it to be as easy to use and configure as possible.


Thanks for the advice skykingOH. If you referenced a link it didn’t come through. Can you post again?