Salvaging an old install

I am trying to salvage an old freepbx installation, that crashed before we started the upgrade. By old, I mean fpbx 2.7. Please dont shout ! :slight_smile:

I currently have another system with the same fpbx version running, but the data is quite old. I have managed to access the drive of the production crashed server, and have a good copy of asterisk db - I’ve been able to remount it on a corresponding centos 5 server, and everything looks nice to me.
Do you think it is feasible to stop the service, replace the db with the recent one, and restart, then force an apply configuration ? or are there other components that should be restored as well ?

Thanks for your advises, I’ll take any idea that can help !


There’s no such thing as ‘force applying’ a configuration.

However, assuming that it’s the OS that’s broken, and not FreePBX, you can copy /etc/asterisk, /var/lib/asterisk, /var/spool/asterisk, /var/lib/mysql, and /var/www from the old machine to the new, and everything should be fine. Do an amportal reload, and when it’s up and running, create a NEW MACHINE, and go to and use that tool to copy everything from the old machine to the new.

Many thanks ! building a new machine is absolutely my goal as soon as possible.
I will try with the list of dirs you mentionned,

Many thanks for the link that I didnt know of, looks very promising !


If you scroll down a few topics, you’ll see that I actually used it today. It works very well.

However, it does not move over some (custom) stuff
See this post: How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide

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