Sales Training Call audio?

I have a customer that is constantly training new people in the sales dept. They will call a customer and they want the “new” guy to listen in on the conversation. I half hearted thought about using a Conference room and muting the new guy. But that seemed cumbersome. I could not find anything in the commercial modules that would help out here. Is anyone doing this???


Write a custom context using extenspy

Thanks Dicko that looks like just about what I want to do. Now to figure out how to do it :))

I found a module called Silent Monitor and the info I got says: “The module was added a long time ago to contributed_modules svn branch.” This was back in May of 09. Is the contributed_modules available through the module admin?

I gotta tell you if you can’t read the wiki on how to download and install a module I have to say that installing a 5 year old module that could break your system may be beyond your current reach.

Maybe for a skeletal implementation, add:-

exten => 779XXXX,1,Answer(1)
same => n,ExtenSpy(${EXTEN:3},qw)
same => n,Hangup

to extentions_custom.conf

I didn’t try to install it, just found it. I noticed that it is old and ther is the ChanSPY feature code. I didn’t see it before. That works fine, is there a way to enter a targeted extension after inputing the Feature code. I know you can toggle through the channels, but that is kinda dangerous. Ideally I would like to see something where I can limit the ChanSPy to a group of extensions and to a specifically dialed extension within that group.

You need to purchase FOP2. It allows you to set permissions per user and monitor and or whisper on calls from a simple graphical UI.

If you need increased capabilities iSymphony also supports this along with complete agent management.

I would also strongly encourage the queue stats module so you have performance info on your agents.

Why not use iSymphony? The Distro includes a Demo Client License, that can be used to visually control barging and listening in on calls.

Thanks Skyking and reconwireless! I totally forgot that FOP2 can do that! In fact that guy has FOP2, probably doesn’t use it. Thanks again