Sales calls from a name - not a number - spammers

Someone is using Asterisk to identify themselves
as “asterisk” and make sales calls in my 415 area code.

Unfortunately, freepbx blacklist only blocks numbers.
I will have to write some simple code to block the callerid.

Is this the first of a new wave of spammers?

It would be great if freepbx blacklist was extended to names.


i am always getting calls from unavailable, anonymous, asterisk, etc… i wrote a extension_custom.conf rule that calls an AGI i wrote (in php) that checks for various bogus names and replaces them with a null string, so zapateller can kiss them off. happens after the blacklist check tho :frowning:

calls from unknown might be legitimate. Many people
who call my number show up as unknown because they
have caller ID blocking from the old days when
donotcall was not available.

So what happens when Asterisk spammers discover they
can randomly generate Caller ID names - do we have to
develop spamassassin for Asterisk ?


i didn’t say i reject the call. when i do get a suspect CID name, i force zapateller to run, so they will get the SIT. most telemarketers use autodialers so they won’t even know you bounced them. other people will hear the tone, but then it will ring…