Safe to disable Bulk Phone Restart module?

Hi All. Running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-5,

Since bulk phone restart module (currently version 13.0.4) seems to get in the way of updating endpoint manager and rest phone apps modules I wanted to know if it is necessary to have bulk phone restart module enabled normally for things to function properly with the rest of FreePBX. I go through the dance of disabling the bulk phone restart module to apply these updates when they are available and then re-enable bulk phone restart, but that’s my only interaction with bulk phone restart that I am aware of. Before for someone jumps in and says that bulk phone restarts wouldn’t be able to happen, I assume that would be the outcome and I would be OK with that as I haven’t used this feature yet. I wanted to ensure that provisioning a phone with EPM doesn’t require bulk phone restart module to function, or some other process that would require it in normal operation.



you may uninstall or disable it

Thanks for the answer!