S705 Won't answer second call

I have a PBX40 with 10 S705 phones, when a call is answered and a second call comes in, you can put the first call on hold but cant answer the second call, the line keys only show the first caller, and the extension does not ring on the second call what am i missing in the config, if any thing.

Do you have call waiting enabled on that extension?

Yes call waiting and tone

I think the best way to handle this is to have at least 2 of the same line appearances on the phone(s). Then when a second call comes in it will show up on the second line appearance. Since the S705 has lots of buttons this will work fine. Then disable call waiting and it should work fine.

I have three line buttons on phone and this started when call waiting was disabled

Yet you said it was enabled in your prior post.

Which is it?

it was disabled, but in trying to solve the problem I enabled it

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