S705 with EXP100-1 doesn't update config and labels

Factory reset phone. Config is pushed to device

2022-12-07_231929 - freepbx1

Edit label and add new chars (PPFront to 2PPFront)

2022-12-07_231929 - freepbx1b

Apply config

2022-12-07_231929 - freepbx1c

Goto extension, shows needs updating.

Apply and update

Sidecar labels don’t update

2022-12-07_231929 - freepbx1f

Is this me, I think it’s a bug. Sangoma about to replace new hardware…so I don’t have much hope this bug will be fixed (which has been around for a year). We shall see. The S705 with OLED screen has terrible burnin…probably not going to stay with sangoma hardware because there’s no support for hardware and it’s a PITA to even figure out how to followup/report bugs like this other than public community posts.

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