S705 WiFi Phones

Can someone confirm what the WiFi means on the Sangoma S705?

Can the phone be connected to the network solely via WiFi?

If yes, could you still plug a device in the Ethernet pass through? So WiFi to phone and Ethernet from phone to desktop? I’m not planning on doing this, but just trying to understand.

Thanks all!

Found it. Yes it does have a WiFi connection for voice. I’m not sure if it will pass it’s wifi connection on to a hard wired device.


The phone can use either WiFi or Ethernet to connect to the LAN (not both), and the phone works pretty much the same regardless of how it is connected. In my testing just now, with the PC port set to ‘Bridge’ mode and the phone connected via WiFi, I was not able to get the PC port to work.

Would actually be nice to have it working that way.
Currently we have some remote users with Laptop, Desk Phone & Mifi Card. They connect their laptop via Wifi and bridge the connection to the Ethernet port which is how the phone is connected. Would be cool to have it the other way around.

The only question is, which Wifi receiver is more stable, the laptop or the S705? (if you can actually have the PC port on S705 working.)

I suspect it’s not possible, but if you have a use case, open a feature request on the off chance that it may be possible with some firmware tweaks (or potentially possible in future hardware configurations).

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