S705 VPN Connects but has no incoming or outgoing calls

FreePBX (on premise)
Sangoma S705 (remote)

As far as I can tell, the VPN and endpoint are configured correctly, based on the wiki instructions.

The endpoint is able to connect to the VPN. I confirmed this within System Admin -> VPN Server -> Clients section.

It received an IP as set in the Server Range

However, I am not able to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls.

The FreePBX firewall is disabled.

I am not sure how to diagnose this problem. I would be grateful to any hints on this issue.

Issue is resolved:

I noticed that traffic was being blocked by the remote firewall. The phone was attempting to reach the PBX on the LAN side from its own VPN assigned IP address. I figured I would have to force all traffic through the VPN.

VPN Settings -> Redirect Gateway -> Yes

Also I’m not sure when this happened but:

Routes -> Routes -> Yes (these were set to NO)
PBX subnet
VPN subnet

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